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"The new Pet Business opportunity that everybody is talking about..."

...with the Tried & Tested expawditions® model

What You'll Discover in the Info-Session:

  • The Fastest Intro Segment EVER! (00:00)
  • Meet the Incredible People Behind the Business (00:38)
  • The Size of Demand (It'll surprise you!) (04:05)
  • What This Is... (06:03)
  • Who This is For (And Who It's NOT For!) (07:03)
  • ​The Opportunity and How It Works (08:34)
  • ​The Proven Framework You Need To Succeed (09:36)
  • The Maths Behind A Six-Figure Dog Walking Business (13:17) 
  • Your Investment (Probably Significantly Less Than You Think!) (15:26)
  • ​The Next Steps... (20:10)

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Revolutionary Pet Business Model 

Suitable for Start-Ups AND Established Pet Professionals

Incredible Earning Potential

Expert Support from the UK's No.1 Pet Business Growth Team 

Who Expawditions® is for...

  • Ambitious Pet Business Owners: Who are looking to diversify their services and add an additional revenue stream to their business
  • Dog Trainers & Behaviourists: Who want to offer additional services that unlink the time-for-money exchange and drive more leads and grow both businesses simultaneously
  • Dog Walkers: Who want to set themselves apart and rise above their local competition with a unique premium offering, making them the go-to choice
  • ​Home Boarders & Pet Sitters: Who want to stabilise their seasonal income and grow a residual income month-on-month and offer complimentary services

What you'll learn with Expawditions®...

  • The Expawditions EXACT launch strategy - so that you can hit the ground running and attract your first 20+ clients
  • ​The ENTIRE marketing and follow-up process - to take your clients from initial enquiry to happy paying customer
  • ​How to conduct the ULTIMATE in-person meet and greet - to convert them into a happy client 
  • How to become the GO-TO no.1 service in your area - without breaking the bank!
  • The BREAKTHROUGH tactic for turning enquiries into paying clients - (very few businesses do this and it works like crazy!) 
  • How to magnetically and systematically attract and KEEP your ideal clients - using a TWO-STEP formula that's built to work
  • The pricing-for-profit model - that works in every pet business
  • ​How to construct your services and packages - what to include and how to price them for profit
  • ​How to create a RESIDUAL income stream in your business - that grows month-on-month so that you can achieve rapid growth
  • How to run a PROFITABLE Dog Adventure business - that doesn’t depend on you in the middle of it to work
  • ​How to SYSTEMISE the day-to-day running of your business - and smooth it’s operations
  • The secrets to SUPERCHARGE your productivity - and reclaim your time

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Session Length: 22 Minutes

Meet Our Lead Expawditioners!

Clare and Peter Turner-Tarr are the dynamic husband and wife team behind the revolutionary Expawditions® business. 

The couple have been bringing unrivalled 'Designer Days out for Dogs' across Shropshire for several years, and now due to the unparalleled demand for their services, are licensing business owners across the UK to build their own revolutionary Expawditions® business. 

Watch the on-demand info-session now to discover how you can create your own successful six-figure Expawditions® business in under 12 months…

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