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Introducing the exclusive Cheshire Canine 'REAL DOG TRAINING' Live Online Membership, which is for dedicated clients only (that's you, by the way!). 

Our Live Online Training allows you to enjoy our top-quality, progressive, fun and effective training with professional handlers and instructors - from your sofa, your garden, your living room, or anywhere with an internet connection! 

When you train with us online, we give you the knowledge and skills to achieve exactly what you'd like to. We help you to achieve results that last, help you to manage and overcome problems, provide your dog with the fulfilling and enriching outlets that they need and assist you in creating a beautiful, lifelong relationship with your dog.

With your Online Membership you’ll be able to take advantage of FAR more and for a fraction of the price – with heaps of valuable training and unmissable resources to help you and your dog achieve more than you thought possible! 

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  • UNLIMITED Online Classes – Any online class, any time! You can view our awesome timetable below.
  • ​UNLIMITED Activities  – Come and try something different and keep training fun for you and your dog. Get your nose into Scentwork or test your Retrieval Skills to mix up playtime and increase your dog’s fitness. Maybe you’ll fall in love with the ‘Working Trials Skills’ which combine agility, search work and retrieving or build attention and focus with our ‘Drive Building and Motivation’ classes.
  • ​UNRESTRICTED Access – to our exclusive ‘Cheshire Canine REAL DOG TRAINING’ member’s private Facebook group so that you can connect with other local dog owners, get your questions answered by the team and benefit from the regular content that we add to the group. This might be a new trick or tip, an exclusive discount or offer for products that we think might interest you, an ‘over my shoulder’ look at training step-by-step plus LOTS more!
Online REALDog Training membership is just £30 p/month, which includes over £1150 worth of FREE bonuses!
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All you need to do now is click the orange button to join our REALDOG Online Training Membership!

 Then on a 30 day rolling basis, the system will run your direct debit and you’ll get to unlock all of the benefits of your membership including all of the extra bonuses (some that money can’t buy!). 

There is nothing else out there like this, nothing that even comes close to the level of training and support that you and your dog will get by being a member of Cheshire Canine's Online Membership, and we can’t wait to welcome you on board and get started with the UK’s first, only and BEST dedicated dog owner’s membership programme. 

See you on the inside!


How does the Live Online Training Work?

You can access our sessions on any device - iPad, Laptop, Desktop Computer or Phone. However, we recommend using something that you can have 'hands free' so that you're able to do the training! 

You'll receive a Zoom link for our online classes via email, which you'll simply 'click' at the scheduled time to join our private video sessions and classes. Joining is easy, and we'll be available to help you with any issues. 

When will all of my membership benefits start?

NOW! As soon as you choose your membership level and sign up you'll get to start enjoying ALL of the benefits of Online Membership. If that's not a good enough reason to jump straight in, we don't know what is! 

Can I train with more than one dog?

Yes, of course! We'd love you to enjoy training with as many dogs as you please, and there's no additional fee for multiple dogs from the same household.

How do I pay for membership?

That's easy, our system will take your membership investment on a rolling 30 day cycle. Once you've set this up by completing the form (accessible by clicking the orange button, below) there's nothing else you need to do, just come along (virtually!) and enjoy training.

Is there a pay-as-you-go option 
for online classes? 

We've taken the decision for the benefit of all of our clients to move to inclusive membership only for our Online Classes. We want to ensure that you and your dog get the very best experience, training and results from working with Cheshire Canine Services which is why all of our time and resources are focussed on helping and supporting our members to achieve more than they thought possible! 

Can I cancel my membership?

We're so confident that you'll love our membership that you'll never want to leave, but in the case that you do you can cancel your Online Membership with a month's notice at any time. No questions asked, no strings attached!

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